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Who am I? How did I come to be? Where did my ancestors come from? What country? These may be questions most people ask at one time or another. I hope to present as many answers as I possibly can so...Since I didn't become President or invent a life altering product like Duct Tape, I have decided to leave something closer to home for my descendentants....their family roots, the trees of life from whence they came.


Most of my ancestors seem to have lived their lives in Maine. Having lived the 1st half of my life in Maine also, I can see why they chose Maine. The land is rich, the water is pure and the woods are magnificant and abundant.


It has been difficult tracing my family due to the fact that Maine had a few major fires that destroyed homes as well as public buildings along with many public documents.


As with many families, there were a few generations that really did not see the excitement of mapping their roots, so sometimes when I asked a question I would get a reply like: "Well, that's always been a mystery". This one will be explained later in my story.


I feel most people really would like to know who and from where their root family members came. Scotland, Ireland, England or Germany for examples. I believe I have found the name of both my root grandfathers and they seem to have come to the Americas from Scotland and England in the 1930's. This has been my most exciting discovery.


Along my journey of discovery, I have corresponded with relatives I did not know I had. This just adds more warmth and also helps collect more family history.


Some of my information has been found on the World Wide Web. This information has to be taken at face value as I have not yet seen or found actual documents to verify some of this history.


I believe I'll start with the Stearns side. The other side I will follow down my way will be the Grays.

I have found both to be exciting and interesting each in their own way                         .



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